The Garden of Destiny is located in Koknese. The address is: “Likteņdārzs”, Koknese Parish, Koknese County, LV-5113

The Garden of Destiny is located on a peninsula, thus we invite all guests to leave their automobile in the parking area and walk to the park itself. Koknese is located 100 km from Rīga on the A6 highway. There is a brown sign “Likteņdārzs 1 km” in Koknese Parish on the right hand side of the road. Koknese is easily accessible by train, bus or automobile, the trip takes about 1,5 hours.

Bus schedule – press here.

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As part of your trip to the Garden of Destiny we invite you to visit some of the other interesting places in the area around Koknese. Information about hotels, resaurants and cafes and other recreational facilities – press here.

Information about organized trips from Rīga to Koknese is available at SIA “Skaisto skatu” agency, tel. 6722 1767,

Vilis Vitols, Chairman of the Board

Things are not going easily at the moment, but with your help we will continue to build the Garden of Destiny – relentlessly and irreversibly. We are attempting to complete it as a gift to Latvia on her 100th birthday. If by chance we do not complete it on time, there is no cause for concern. Construction of St. Peter’s Church in Riga took a total of 282 years. It will not take us that long.

Aija Kinca, LTV journalist The Garden of Destiny is our gift to Latvia on her 100th birthday. The gift is so can give Latvia a tree by planting a tree in the Garden of Destiny. You can give Latvia a rock – and we need so many rocks.